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March 23, 2017
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Pastor Ron Baity Interviewed by Winston-Salem Journal About HB2

Yesterday, The Winston-Salem Journal ( interviewed Pastor Ron Baity about HB2. The article appeared on the front page
of today’s edition. The following is part of the transcript of that interview:

In the eyes of the Rev. Ron Baity at Berean Baptist Church, off Thomasville Road, HB2 protects public safety and privacy.

“I serve a perfect God who has never made a single mistake from all of eternity,” Baity said.

“The Bible teaches that he is the eternal self-existent person who’s always existed, shall always exist, who created the heavens and
the Earth, everything that therein consists, and that when he created the human race, he did not create the human race and say,
‘Uh-oh - I made a mistake.’ He created a human race - male and female. That is established in the Book of Genesis.

“And to look in the face of God and say, ‘I know you created me a certain way but you made a mistake, and I should have been
male. But I was born female,’ or vice versa. I just don’t believe that happens.

“I believe God knew what he was doing.

“He knows what he’s doing.

“He shall ever know what he’s doing,” Baity said.

The article also interviews a transgender pastor. Later in the article, Pastor Baity is quoted again:

Ahead of the passage of HB2, Baity helped organize a rally in Raleigh supporting the legislation. About 6,000 people showed up, he
said during an interview at the church.

“I am still thankful that young ladies in ladies restrooms and shower facilities, locker rooms, are still safe, legally, from predators
who possibly would enter and seek to do them harm, and I’m grateful that our legislature and our governor (McCrory) had enough
foresight to know that a young lady should have the privilege of going into the restroom without worrying about someone coming in
seeking to do her harm,” Baity said.

It seems that news outlets are fascinated with people who simply believe common sense facts about gender and decency. The big concern
for all of us is that common sense seems to elude many of the consumers of our news outlets, and the outlets themselves.

Families of 9/11 Victims Sue Saudi Arabia for Assisting Terrorists (March 22, 2017) reports that:

One of the largest ever lawsuits relating to the September 11 terror attacks has been filed against Saudi Arabia in New York.

Families of 850 victims who died and the 1,500 injured, are suing the Middle Eastern country's government, accusing it of providing
material and financial assistance to al Qaeda in the years leading up to worst ever terrorist attack on US soil.

Of the 19 hijackers who took over the aeroplanes during the attack, 15 were from Saudi Arabia.

The complaint accuses Saudi officials of being aware that money was redirected to al Qaeda from charities in the country, so they
could finance their attacks.

President Obama attempted to prevent victim’s families from being able to sue foreign governments, but Congress made it possible

The plaintiffs have been able to utilise the US's Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. Passed last year, it allows lawsuits to be
brought against foreign states.

Barack Obama opposed the law but was overruled by Congress and since then there have been six other lawsuits filed against Saudi
Arabia by the families of 9/11 victims.

Explaining the lawsuit’s reasoning, co-chairman of the plaintiffs' committee Jim Kreindler told CNN: “9/11 could not have happened
without Saudi Arabia's support for al Qaeda."

His colleague Jerry Goldman added: “We intend, just like we have for over the last 13 years, to move forward to seek justice on
behalf of all the families, and accountability on behalf of all the people in this country."

The evidence seems overwhelming that Saudi Arabia supported terrorism. Since they have enough money to support terrorists they can
dish out the money to pay victim’s families - hopefully by the millions.

Most Americans Die With Debt - Primarily Mortgage (March 22, 2017) reports that:

You’re probably going to die with some debt to your name. Most people do. In fact, 73 percent of consumers had outstanding debt
when they were reported as dead, according to December 2016 data provided to by credit bureau Experian. Those
consumers carried an average total balance of $61,554, including mortgage debt.
Excluding home loans, the average balance was $12,875.

Credit card debt is second to mortgages:

(There are about 242 million adults in the U.S., according to 2015 estimates from the Census Bureau.) To determine the average
debt people have when they die, Experian looked at consumers who, as of October 2016, were not deceased, but then showed as
deceased as of December 2016. Among the 73 percent of consumers who had debt when they died, about 68 percent had credit
card balances. The next most common kind of debt was mortgage debt (37 percent), followed by auto loans (25 percent), personal
loans (12 percent) and student loans (6 percent).

These were the average unpaid balances: credit cards, $4,531; auto loans, $17,111; personal loans, $14,793; and student loans,

If a person dies with debt then the surviving family members many times must sell assets they inherited to pay the debt off.

The article states, it’s best to avoid debt altogether - for the sake of the survivors.

Another Movie Targets Youth With Homosexual Character (March 22, 2017) reports that:

This weekend, LGBT activists across the country rejoiced to see Disney’s first gay character, LeFou, in Beauty and the Beast. Now,
superhero fans are celebrating a similar milestone.

Power Rangers, coming to theaters this Friday, will feature a character who is questioning her sexuality, director Dean Israelite told
Hollywood Reporter editor Aaron Couch.

"For Trini, really she's questioning a lot about who she is," Israelite explained. "She hasn't fully figured it out yet. I think what's great
about that scene and what that scene propels for the rest of the movie is, 'That's OK.' The movie is saying, 'That's OK,' and all of the
kids have to own who they are and find their tribe."

It’s obvious that the public is being bombarded with perversion from Hollywood. Considering that many Hollywood actors have AIDS, it’s
tragic that our country’s youth are being entertained by it.





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