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Mr. President, many of us were outraged when Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal. We were equally outraged when Bill Clinton had his
escapade with Monica Lewinsky. We were troubled when George Bush said, “Read my lips, no more taxes” and then taxed us. However, your
administration has been nothing but one large embarrassment to the American people. You have constantly tried to place your administration
above the laws of this land with your pen and phone. You have spent much time bypassing the lawmaking body of this nation and became a law
unto yourself. You have tried to change God’s definition of marriage to include what is biologically impossible-two men or two women producing
children. You have borrowed more money and plunged this nation into more debt than all previous presidents combined. You have traveled half
way around the world and apologized for America's blessings. I understand you may even go to Hiroshima and apologize for America ending a
war that sought our demise.
Mr. President, I have to hand it to you! You get the gold medal for being the most fickle, cowardly president in our history. When you draw the
red line in the sand, it means absolutely nothing. When fighter planes buzz our vessels at sea instead of vaporizing them, you turn your head
and give them carte blanch to do so again. Instead of surprising our enemies, you telegraph your next move so they can make adequate
preparations for survival. Mr. President, from Hell, Herod applauds your destruction of children. You have turned your back on one of America's
greatest allies-Israel. You have treated the prime minister of Israel like a red headed stepchild. You have negotiated with a terrorist nation who
seeks the utter destruction of both America and Israel. When our choice young men are beheaded, you treat the incident light heartedly, and go
to the golf course for another round of golf. When one of America's greatest Supreme Court Justices passes away, you are too busy to attend his
funeral. You have no problem displaying the rainbow colors of the homosexual community on the People's House but refuse to place the Red,
White and Blue there. You have done your best to prosecute Christian servicemen and women who display a passage of Scripture in their
cubicle. You have penalized and prosecuted Christian businesses who exercised their First Amendment rights. You refuse to call our enemies
Islamic terrorists. In your words you applaud the contributions of Islam in American history and fail to remember that it was Islamic Terrorists
who killed 3,000 American citizens. When an Islamist goes on a shooting spree and takes the innocent lives of American citizens you call it
“workplace violence”.
Mr. President, you again continue your downward spiral by implying that mental illness should not be so addressed, but legalized as acceptable.
When The American College of Pediatricians releases a statement “That reclassification of children, also known as transgenderism, constitutes
child abuse”, you above all people should take notice. When stats teach us that rates of suicide are twenty times greater among adults who use
cross-sex hormones and undergo sex reassignment surgery, you should be concerned for the betterment of the people you are supposed to
represent. Mr. President, I wonder if your Secret Service escort would allow a man to go into the restrooms with your daughters. Evidently it
means nothing to you that a well-known psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins has stated that "Transgender is a mental disorder."
Mr. President, I have come to the conclusion that you are happy to call evil good and good evil. I understand that much of your problem
evidently stems from your associations. You hung with people who preached "Liberation Theology" which is another way of saying that the
human race like the tower of Babel can climb up to heaven on their own merit. Mr. President, America may never recover from the overt sins you
have forced on this nation. However, I will assure you that across the fruited plain there are tens of thousands of Americans who will never
accept the perversion you are trying unlawfully to impose upon them. As long as we have breath in our bodies, we will herald the message that
Jesus Christ only is our Saviour and that a relationship with Him places one's thinking on sound solid ground and aligns itself with true Biblical

Dr. Ron Baity
President, Return America